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    ♦ Known as Erace Lestis, author of “Celestial Earth”, March 2010

    “… Erace, your book is magnificent… absolutely magnificent! … Thank you for the privilege of reading your inspirational and hard-won script. It has been a beautiful thing to live with… some passages are so beautiful, and beautifully expressed, that they still resonate in my mind. In short, there is little I feel needs to be said, other than applauding you for your diligent research and huge application of focus, and thanking you from the bottom of my own heart, for producing and giving birth to this vital and breath-taking (or perhaps I should say, breath-giving?) book…”  

    Jessica Wallace, artist, UK

     ”Erace Lestis has collected valuable information on the relationship of homosexual men ad spirituality, providing valuable insights into our place in the forthcoming New Age”

    Bert Herrman, Author, New Mexico, USA


    ♦ Known as MM and working as a solo artist:


       «… MM performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 14 to 19 August 2002. The performance “Balooons!” was very well attended and showed MM’s spectacular ability in blending mime, gestural theatre and music. The performances were supported by the Italian Cultural Institute for Scotland».

    Dr. Ennio Troili, Director – Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Edinburgo 


        «… MM presented a highly seductive improvised performance within the magical context of Castel Giuliano’s Gardens in Bracciano, Italy, during the international platform “Performers & Performance” in May 2001. His work with the “physioballs” fitted very well and was a real pleasure to watch. MM also joined ArigillaTeatri’s street theatre event during the “Festa delle Rose”. His contribution was successful, much enjoyed by the audience and particularly loved by the children. As someone pointed out later on… “a new idol was born in town!”»

    Vincenzo Cozzi, Chairman, ArgillaTeatri, Rome


         «… we confirm that MM, from London, was invited to the XVIII MaratÓ de l’Espectacle, the 15th and 16th June 2001, in Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona, Spain. He performed a successful and beautiful dance show. His participation was a pleasure for us».

    Juan Eduardo Lopez, Artistic Director, Ass Marató de l’Espectacle


       « Dear MM… the organising committee of Windsor Festival Fringe thanks you for your splendid performances at the Windsor Royal Station… Your innovative mime work and dance drew and held the attention of many. We know from the comments we have received from the audience that they welcomed the opportunity to see something so original. The late afternoon improvised performance with the 18th century musicians was particularly well received and a fitting climax to your shows. Many thanks. I would also like to mention the interest which young children showed in your work and I was impressed with the way in which you shared your props with them after the shows. We wish you luck … and should any future promoters or funders wish to contact us we would be pleased to pass on our comments».

    Nigel Griffin, Committee of Windsor Fringe Festival, October 2001


    ♦ Known as MM and working as a life model (mime-dance movements and still postures) in several art colleges in London and in Thanet, Kent (1998-2003: Central St. Martins College of Art & Design; Heatherley School of Fine Art; Kensington & Chelsea College; Putney School of Art; Blake College; Greenwich Art Centre, Kew Studios and private artists).


       «… MM worked with the Heartherly School of Fine Art. I have always found him reliable, responsible and responsive to the aspirations of the class. I would add that he is excellently equipped physically for the job, he is helpful, honest, and courteous. It is with no hesitation that I recommended him for further work».


    Nathalie Robin, Administrator, HSFA, Chelsea, London 1999



    ♦ Co-fonder and co-author of “Theatre Confetti” (Teatro Coriandoli), in London and the UK between 1995-1998 e 2000-2003. Productions: Sadko and the Silver Waves (1995-98/2000-2003); The Flute in the Himalayas (1997-98/2000-2003)


        « Sadko and the Silver waves, an underwater mime-dance fairy story had lovely costumes and props… The piece had a lovely atmosphere and was particularly suitable for 4-8 years old children who found the 50-minute show absorbing and captivating. It is a very visually stimulating show, charmingly performed ».


    Arabella S. Churchill, Director, Glastonbury Children’s Festival, Sept 1995


         « Theatre Confetti’s Sadko and the Silver Waves is a highly polished, creatively choreographed, professionally performed, colourful production. Arriving on foot, with their show literally on their backs, they transformed our theatre and enchanted our audience. I highly recommend them».

    Nicholas Coote, Children’s Programmer, Jackson Lane Community Centre, London


        «Dear Theatre Confetti, the Tricycle Theatre would like to thank you for your performance of Sadko & the Silver Waves… It was lovely to see such an eloquent performance – a visual delight. I think you should adapt more stories in this style – It’s rare to see a movement based performance that can clearly tell a story and keep the children focused end engrossed by the visual beauty and magic of the ‘piece’…The response from the audience was very positive…»


    Jackie Charles, Youth & Education Director, Tricycle Theatre, London


       «Cambridge Drama Centre … was very pleased with both the quality and style of Theatre Confetti’s work. Sadko and the Silver Waves was an unusual piece of children’s theatre – a highly visual production telling a Russian fairy tale utilising mime, dance, movement with beautiful sets and costumes… The performance was enthusiastically received by both children and parents…»

    Jane Owens, General Manager, CDC, Cambridge


       «Theatre Confetti showed immense creativity in this dance-based production… All the scenes and characters were presented in a beautiful, dramatic, flowing and graceful manner which held the children enthralled as the story was brought to life before them. Indeed the whole stage seemed to explode with colours, shapes, movement and sound… I would unreservedly recommend Theatre Confetti…».

     David Walker, Programmer, Maltings Arts Theatre, Hertfordshire


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